The Feeling of Fit

A couple years ago I did it. I reached the holy grail. I was an exerciser. It was a magical couple of months- and then I hurt my knee. Little by little I stopped going and not so suddenly the muscles I had been forming, the strength I had been gaining disappeared. It it’s place I found fat creeping back.

Now, two years later I have a lot of work to do. 30 pounds heavier, older and a lot less flexible- time is passing. But if you never start, you will never get anywhere.

I said I would try not to make too many lofty goals. But here I am… going for the GOALs.

  • 30 days of dairy free life
  • Less eating out & more plant based goodness
  • Complete a 10k in September
  • Complete a 1/2 marathon in October

I’m starting 1/2 marathon training on Monday- so here we goooo! Time to get to it- focus on the health and get my ass in shape!

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