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    Hey there… again.

    Hi, it has been a while.  I lost my steam sometime in early November- and here we are.  I wish there were some profound reason, but the truth is I just kind of stopped.  It wasn’t a priority.  I’ve found out how easy it is to get lost in nothingness.  Have you ever felt that?

    With all the time in the world, I couldn’t find the motivation to do anything.  Even if it was something I actually enjoy doing.  This loop has been playing in my mind and messing with my head.  The loop begins with an idea and ends with all of the reasons why the idea won’t work and should just go put on my PJs, slide into bed and watch another 5 hours of Netflix (anyone else?).

    It is weird to have creative burnout before actually producing anything.  The whole burnout thing got me thinking about why it is so hard for creators to create- it is because they have to overcome external AND internal critics in order to produce even on iteration of their idea.  Chances are that first thing is just a rough draft, so you have to REALLY love what you are making and have the drive to overcome other’s ideas to revise and recreate.

    With all that said, I think my mind is finally in a better space to try again.  I’m not building out a crazy extensive plan that will be hard to stick to.  I am trying to be realistic with my goals and kind to my psyche.

    Lets see how this goes, eh?